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Extreme Environment Systems

Extreme Environment Systems Generation and control of clean energy such as via combined cycle gas-fired power plants is an important research area for greener economies. Such power plants operate in extreme and hazardous environments and [...]

CAOS Camera Surpasses CMOS/CCD Performance

Cork, Ireland, June 20, 2016 Cork 1A camera technology dubbed Coded Access Optical Sensor (CAOS) now works in unison with CCD and CMOS camera sensors to extract previously unseen images. The CCD sensor camera — [...]

Growth by Empowering Student Members

We have all heard the saying, “Children are our future; invest well in them.” The same is true for the IEEE LEOS family where empowering LEOS student members will ensure the vitality and growth of [...]

Memorial for Professor Hermann Haus (1925-2003)

All of us, family, friends, colleagues, or just first time observers knew one thing, when listening to Hermann Haus, one immediately sensed class, intellectual excellence, clarity of thought, sense of scientific history and simply, an [...]

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