Prof. Nabeel Riza for CAOS Smart Camera Shortlisted for the Game Changer Award at the AutoSens Awards 2018

July 09, 2018, Cork, Ireland:

Nabeel Riza, Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland, has been named a 2018 AutoSens Award finalist in the Game Changer Award Category for his CAOS Smart Camera Invention.  Other finalists named in the Game Changer award category include industrial electronics giants such as Intel Corporation and Borsch Corporation. AutoSens Awards judging panel includes top technical experts, representative of the full supply chain from OEMs to academia.

The Autosens states, “The game changer award recognises individuals, product/technical teams or whole companies that have already changed or have the potential to transform the industry. This award recognises an empassioned, unstoppable force for change that has the ability to transform our world view.”

The award ceremony is being held at the Atomium Brussels and is part of the AutoSens Brussels Conference, September 17-20, 2018. AutoSens (see is the world’s leading conference dedicated to advances in the automotive sensing and perception engineering world.

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