Professor Nabeel Agha Riza  2020 Inductee of the Prestigious Royal Irish Academy.

Nabeel Agha Riza, Chair Professor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering  at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland named as a 2020 Inductee of the Royal Irish Academy (RIA), the highest National Academy in Ireland. Membership to the RIA ( is the most prestigious honor awarded to scholars in Ireland (including N. Ireland, UK) across all disciplines that includes physical sciences, engineering, social sciences, mathematics and computer science, humanities, and medicine & biological sciences. The in-person Induction Ceremony was held December 16, 2022 (see Photo with RIA President Presenting Official RIA Scroll to Prof. Riza and see In-Person Ceremony Video at end of News Writeup). The RIA was founded in 1785 and past Presidents include the famed Irish mathematician Sir William Rowan Hamilton. Distinguished and renowned RIA members include Mary Robinson, former President of the Republic of Ireland and Nobel Prize winner in Literature, William B. Yeats and Nobel Prize winning physicists Erwin Schrödinger and Ernst T. S. Walton. Honorary members include Nobel Laureates physicist Steven Weinberg (U-Texas), physicist Murray Gell-Mann (Caltech), chemist Robert Grubbs (Caltech), economist Amartya Sen (Harvard), & neuroscientist John O’Keefe (UCL). Professor Riza is acknowledged for his contributions to both research and education in Ireland over a 9 years period  and for 30 years international career as a world leading photonics inventor impacting key areas of technology in imaging, communications, energy and aerospace systems.

At the RIA Induction Ceremony on May 22, 2020, held on-line for the first time, RIA President Dr Mary Canning added: “Ireland should be immensely proud of these women and men who have brought international acclaim to our country. As members of the Royal Irish Academy, they will strengthen our capacity to provide the expert advice Ireland needs at this time.”

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