Professor Nabeel Riza awarded  2018 International IET Achievement Medal

Nov.17, 2018, Cork, Ireland.

The IET (Institution for Engineering & Technology) at the IET awards ceremony in London has awarded Professor Nabeel A. Riza, the IET Achievement Medal for Photonics. The IET Achievement Medals are globally competitive and awarded to individuals who have made major and distinguished contributions with sustained excellence in the various sectors of science, engineering and technology. The IET states: These awards recognise some of the world’s most outstanding engineers and technologists. Founded in 1871, the IET (formerly IEE) headquartered in London is one of the largest engineering organizations in the world with former distinguished Presidents that include German-born engineer and entrepreneur Carl Wilhelm Siemens and Belfast-born inventor and electrical engineer William Thomson (Lord Kelvin). The IET Achievement Medal citation states: “Professor Riza has made photonic design breakthroughs for over 30 years. He has pioneered and invented Liquid Crystal, Acousto-optic and Digital Micromirror Device-enabled smart and robust optically engineered module designs, including low loss fibre coupling models and resistive electrode liquid crystal lenses that have greatly advanced RF photonics antenna controls, optical fibre and optical wireless communications and optical imaging systems.