Photonic Information Processing Systems Laboratory

Creating a Knowledge Base for Research and Teaching Riza’s group research and teaching activities use the physics of optics and the information manipulations of mathematics to invent, design, build and test innovative devices, sub-systems, and [...]

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense Riza’s Defense Optics activities started from his Caltech Ph.D. student days in the mid-80’s where he showed for the first time how Acousto-Optics could be used to control transmit and receive mode [...]

Health and Imaging

Health and Imaging Riza’s interest in optics for health and imaging goes back to his 1989 General Electric (GE) days with the development of the simplest control liquid crystal electronic lens motivated by vision applications. [...]


Communications Riza and his group’s contributions in the field of communications include pioneering works in RF wireless communications, optical wireless communications and fiber-optic communications. Riza is a pioneer in the use of MEMS for fiber-optic [...]

Extreme Environment Systems

Extreme Environment Systems Generation and control of clean energy such as via combined cycle gas-fired power plants is an important research area for greener economies. Such power plants operate in extreme and hazardous environments and [...]

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